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Reflections on the evolution of a Yoga practice and teaching practice over two decades

Part 1: “Am I doing this right?” Over the early years of teaching yoga I am often asked by students “Am I doing this right?” I began to question what defined “right Yoga” and then in contrast what defined “wrong Yoga”. I feel it speaks to an ingrained cultural trajectory that values getting better or […]

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Exploring Yoga Language

A great passion of mine is the evocative use of language to inform Yoga movement and rest practices. A teacher’s use of words has the power to evoke embodied experiences that can be transformational for students. My early years of yoga practice were visually orientated: Yoga practice was about what my alignment looked like and […]

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Teacher Interview: Karla Brodie and Neal Ghoshal talk about the powerful practice of Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga practices are now part of many Yoga classes. Karla Brodie and Neal Ghoshal have a combined 35 years of experience teaching Restorative Yoga in classes and courses, to individuals and through in-depth retreats, as well as tailored workshops and teacher trainings. Ahead of their next Restorative Teacher Training beginning in June they share […]

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An Interview with Amy Matthews and Olive Bieringa, with Karla Brodie

Yoga teacher and trainer Karla Brodie talks with Body-Mind Centering (BMC) educators Olive Bieringa and Amy Matthews during a BMC somatic movement education programme in Melbourne, Australia, February 2020. Olive Bieringa New Zealand born, Olive Bieringa is a dance maker, performer and certified teacher of Body-Mind Centering. She is progamme director and tutor of BMC […]

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The Power of Your Authentic Voice

Have you ever been told you can’t sing? For those of us who have, there are a few paths we consciously, or unconsciously, choose: we either stop singing, or we contain our singing to the shower or car, or to when we’ve consumed the right amount of alcoholic beverages to let ourselves belt out the […]

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