Humming – a Wellbeing retreat at Mana

With Karla Brodie

November 1 – 2 – 3

Join Karla for a weekend of regenerative movement practices, Restorative Yoga and wander walking – complemented by nourishing and seasonal food and the land that is Mana.

The themes and practices this weekend are about kinship, wholeness, deep rest, elements and the senses.

Who is this retreat for?

People seeking a weekend immersed in nature – learning posture, movement and rest practices that support living a nourished, joyful life on and beyond the retreat.

Bookings are now open

Here is what a few participants shared about their experience on previous Humming retreats…

“I attended Karla’s Humming retreat over the weekend and it was life changing for me. It reminded me of the things I truly cherished in life. I came away refreshed and full of life.

I didn’t know a lot about restorative yoga but am now a big fan of it. I have changed my morning yoga routine to ensure that helping my body into a restful state is top priority.”

Helen Russo

“My retreat with Karla was the perfect reset, creating space to connect with myself and the natural world again. There was also a lively sense of fellowship she helped foster within the group.

Karla has the most generous spirit and creative mind. She guides you to commune with complex topics through an intricate knitting together of narratives, images, sounds, and movement.

Generosity and acceptance were touchstones of the experience. I can’t wait to spend more time with Karla and continue learning and growing.”

Emily Trent

“Still Humming one week later… Movement, music and the magic alchemy of Mana and Karla’s restorative powers combined in one sublime retreat.  Nothing to do but rest from the moment that you arrive to the moment that you leave.   

I loved the combination of Rest, music and poetry and wandering in the beautiful peaceful grounds of Mana.   You can participate as much or as little as you want – no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do.  I left feeling refreshed, rested and truly invigorated.”


“With the collective rush felt around this time of year, my body has unsubscribed.

Uplifted by a weekend in nature, with beautiful food, company, and new friends. 

The cells of my body are positively singing new tunes. 

Karla took us on a sensory exploration, we moved, we rested, we inquired, and we had time to connect deeply to our inner worlds, and expand from a place of peace. 

Karla and her assistant Emma embody lightness and fun, with an acceptance for all. You could see people in the retreat relax and unfold, and head back to their lives with new possibilities ahead.”


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