Nourish- a wellbeing retreat

With Sam Loe and Karla Brodie 27 – 29 November 2020

Join Karla and Sam for a weekend retreat at the wonderful Mana Retreat centre in Manaia, Coromandel. This retreat will include self-renewing, nourishing life and Yoga practices to inhabit and nurture the vital centres of your being – the head, heart and belly.

About Sam…

Sam’s Yoga practice and teaching come from a somatic place of listening deeply within.  She is passionate about sharing Yoga in a way that empowers and gives agency to her students through creating safe learning environments, invitational and choice based practices and ultimately supporting people to develop their own self-practice. Over the past 17 years Sam has studied and taught yoga with an inquiring mind and learnt from many international teachers, primarily Donna Farhi and Richard Miller.

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Prayer Flag photo taken at Mana – Sarah Frances Photography

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