” All my previous yoga experiences have been about trying to ‘perfect’ the yoga movements and that came a lot of judgement on myself when I clearly was unable to execute the movements as I watched the teacher. I did the classes, struggling through a lot of it and longed for the end – savasana. Since commencing my practice with you Karla, it has shown me that yoga doesn’t have to be about perfection, but more it is about gently connecting to our wondrous bodies, minds, hearts and souls. I love the whole yoga practice now – all of it, not just the end savasana. I enter each class not fearing it, but knowing it is going to make me feel soooo good. I leave the class feeling centred and my whole being feels that it has been loved, not judged, and for that I am forever grateful. ”          

Lorraine Downes

” I have been loving the restorative classes and the knowledge and information in them. I work as a doctor where many people think of the body as something causing dis-ease, discomfort and concern, or indeed are very disconnected from their bodies. It has been very moving and beautiful to me to hear your passion in describing our living, functional working bodies. I hope some of that joy can seep in to my own work in some ways… ” 

Fiona Gordon

” Karla is an intuitive, honest, attentive, creative, joyful and full of expression – there’s something about her that speaks directly to your insides, and suddenly you realize you have a newfound conversation with your inner world as well. What a gift! “

Sarah Hart

” Every yoga class with Karla is truly unique. In both restorative and active practice, Karla shares her growing wealth of yoga experience in an intuitive, experiential way, bringing yoga into everyday movement and awareness with an inspired sense of curiosity, wonder and play. “

Suzanne Day

” Your skill, intuition and willingness to provide a safe and accepting container for yoga practice enables me to continue to Find Myself! “

Deborah Leys

” The kind and nurturing attention from Karla is a gift that I am forever grateful for. Her sense of curiosity has given me the freedom to rest, explore and question exactly what my body / mind needs. “

Helen Souloglou

” Many thanks – and thank you for such a divine evening – it did feel divine in the true sense and nothing like any yoga class I have ever been to – it felt like a multi-media immersion in nourishment and care and connection – with your being making it happen, Arohanui. “ 

Catherine Cook 

” Karla Brodie is a highly experienced yoga teacher and practitioner. Her depth of yogic understanding on a physical, emotional, mental and philosophical level combined with her gentle personality, make for beautiful, rewarding classes with a true understanding of yoga. I am so grateful to Karla for being  a part of my yoga journey as a practitioner and yoga teacher. “

Karin Sang

” Having practiced yoga for 16 years I was pleasantly surprised by her educational, modern and transformational approach to teaching.  I am more in my body and have far more tools in my yoga kit as a result of learning with Karla for the past year and a half.  Her experience and ongoing research and study is evident in her skilful, intelligent and creative class experiences.  I relish the inquiries she offers and have benefited immensely moving  from the inside out. I find Karla to be an attentive, thoughtful, caring, sensitive and masterful teacher. In a sea of yoga offerings that seem to be more about how you look and what you can do – it is refreshing to find a class and teacher that really honours the body and mind in sound, informed and embodied ways. “

Emma Parsons

” Tuesday night classes with Karla (the only one’s I’ve been too) are decadent and indulgent! This is not yoga like you know it – this is a combination of many modalities and years of Karla’s refined style – and it shows.
These classes will bring you home to your body, soothe your soul and quieten your mind. Then you will walk out feeling energised and like a new person. Karla has changed how I do yoga and how I understand and relate to my body.”

Roselle O’Brien

” I’ve just had the pleasure of being with one of your video offerings – the beginners class.  I loved being held in practice by your voice and your offerings again, and am in awe of the simplicity yet profound beginners practice.  I wish that had been my first experience of yoga – agency, choices, less, non-striving, in-bodied!
Thank you for your gifts and the way you share them! “

Steph Le Gros

” Karla has the most generous spirit and creative mind. She guides you to commune with complex topics through an intricate knitting together of narratives, images, sounds, and movement. Generosity and acceptance were touchstones of the experience. I can’t wait to spend more time with Karla and continue learning and growing. “

Emily Trent 


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