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news – Autumn 2020

Sending prayers to all the sentient beings who are impacted by the global storm of Covid – 19. This feels a time for kind and responsible action for the wellbeing of you, your family, friends and community.

For now the Contemporary Yoga Centre will remain open with a reduced class schedule and clear guidelines for being in the Centre. We will continue to respond as the pandemic unfolds locally and globally, following guidelines set by government and health authorities. We are as a community of teachers putting together some recordings and other online offerings. Please be in touch if you would like to access what we create.

about yoga

Yoga is a timeless art and science of arriving in the present moment with vivid aliveness. The practice of yoga provides us with a ground to deepen our understanding of ourselves, others, and our environment.

We return to our original state, one of content, equanimity and wholeness, interconnected to all of life. Through consistent practice of yoga we may experience our life with presence ease and grace, and throughout difficulty feel well resourced to respond effectively.

about karla

Karla is a skilled, experienced and qualified teacher. She has taught yoga now for 20 years. Her practical and intuitive approach to teaching leads students to a deeper experiential understanding of breath, balanced posture and integrated movement.

She teaches weekly classes, restorative yoga, beginners courses, private lessons, workplace wellness programs, residential yoga retreats and intensives in Auckland and around New Zealand.

Karla is a dedicated student and Senior Associate of Donna Farhi.

about the contemporary yoga centre

The Contemporary Yoga Centre in Remuera, Auckland was established in 2015 to offer a sound, in-depth and sustainable approach to weekly yoga practice. The ongoing vision for the centre is to offer a welcoming, local yoga school that serves a diverse community, including a ‘youth yoga’ class and free Weekly Wellness classes for people living with cancer and chronic illness. We have established ACC funded trauma sensitive yoga. The weekly schedule offers a number of beginners and beginner friendly classes to acknowledge that understanding the fundamentals is essential to developing a more subtle and refined approach to breathing well, sitting, standing and moving well.

All the teachers at Contemporary Yoga are qualified and skilled with understanding the bodies form and function and can work collaboratively with other health care proiders around health conditions and recovery. Our classes are safe, welcoming and indivdualized with a maxium of 16 students in any class or course to optimise learning. Participants in Contemporary Yoga classes develop agility, resilience, mindfulness and a deeper understanding of easeful, functional, graceful movements. Elements of deep rest and meditation are included in the classes to support our everyday full lives. Please view our Contemporary Yoga Centre site for the full centre schedule.

about contemporary yoga teacher training

Karla is a co-founder of  Contemporary Yoga Studies. Contemporary Yoga Studies facilitates comprehensive and internationally accredited 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings.  The programs developed through an intention to offer teacher trainees an integrated approach to the art, science, philosophy and tradition of yoga practice and teaching.

Our next 200 hour teacher training commences in April 2020 as an online offering. Face to face training may resume later in the year in Auckland, New Zealand. The core tutors include Neal Ghoshal, Sam Loe, Haidee Stairmand and Karla. Beyond the essential 200 hour training, Contemporary Yoga Studies offers personal and professional development intensives in restorative yoga, pregnancy and childrens yoga. All primary tutors offer ongoing mentoring in personal parctice and developing a professional teaching practice.

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