Video Collection : Gift

Kia ora and welcome to this video collection, a gift, an offering of two movement and rest classes and a short restorative yoga video showing a step-by-step guide to one of my favourite restorative postures. 

The practices are a culmination of some of the themes, principles and content I have been cultivating for over 26 years of practice and 22 years of teaching. My inspiration is nature and our kinship to all things. My great joy is language, I trust what I share here sparks some curiosity and joy and tunes you into you as you are.  

Please feel welcome to share your experience and feedback about the practices. I value your voice so I can continue to refine my offerings. 

Aroha mai 
Aroha atu 
Love and compassion received
Love and compassion returned 


“I’ve just had the pleasure of being with one of your video offerings – the beginners class. I loved being held in practice by your voice and your offerings. I am in awe of the simplicity yet profound beginners practice. I wish that had been my first experience of yoga – agency, choices, less, non-striving, in-bodied! Thank you for your gifts and the way you share them!”

– Steph Le Gross

Practice with Karla Brodie

An introduction to the movement series

Fundamentals of Yoga

This is a practice designed for beginners, it’s a practice that can be repeated. I have emphasised practice that support circulation. I begin with a few words about the essentials of Yoga and the movement practice starts at 5.25

Balance: Inspired by Trees

This class is gathering of tiny practices all about balance, how do we find our ground, our place on the Earth all inspired by trees. I offer an introduction, and the movement practice begins at 6.20

An Introduction to the Restorative Series

I’ve recorded a series of short videos sharing my favourite restorative shapes and a how to create the shapes at home. I’ve included one here as a gift and for the joy of rest.

Supported Reclining Bound Angle Pose

One of my favourite Restorative shapes, I’ve offered ideas about how you could set up at home with bunch of couch pillows, or bolsters, a few blankets or towels and a scarf to cover the eyes. Once you have set up, and settled in this could be a shape you could rest in for some time, you might like to watch the video through then set up and settle in at your own pace. 

Special thank you to

Suzanne Day, Nadia Benton, Neal Ghoshal, JM, Karen Rubado and all my yoga students for your encouragement and support in creating these video offerings.

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