Internationally accredited 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training

 The Centre for Contemporary Yoga StudiesContemporary Yoga Teacher Training, based in Auckland, New Zealand, presents a comprehensive 200 and 300 hour Yoga Alliance, and Yoga AU/NZ accredited Teacher Training Program. The program developed through an intention to offer teacher trainees an integrated approach to the science, philosophy, tradition and art of teaching yoga. The three primary tutors are Dyana Wells, Neal Ghoshal, and Karla Brodie. Guest tutors include Vincent Boletta and new to our teaching faculty Haidee Stairmand and Sandra Palmer who all bring a joy, passion and wealth of experience to the course.
Course content includes in-depth anatomy and physiology, Yoga philosophy, Yoga Asana and Pranayama. Teacher Trainees will develop and refine skills of observation, language and touch which may serve a life long, sustaining and inspired personal and teaching practice. Beyond the initial 200 hour training we offer further profesional development training modules and 500 hour certification. The training modules include restorative yoga, somatics and mindfulness, developmental movement, and Pregnancy Yoga.

” Four generous and vastly different teachers combine to offer something more unique and valuable than expected. It is beyond yoga as I knew it – it was an investment in the rest of my life. Neal, Karla, Dyana and Vincent don’t tell you how it is. They share their wealth of knowledge, and introduce you to the teacher within and what you already are. All lessons are applicable off the mat, creating what I imagine are sincere teachers of depth and with soul. Words can hardly express how grateful I am for what I learned with their guidance in just three weeks, the most important of which was connecting with myself and others in a truly authentic, supportive, caring and sustainable way that I can’t wait to pay forward as a teacher. Thank you! ”
Sarah Hart, 2018

Our next 200 hour Yoga teacher training is a 20 day intensive in January 2019. We also offer 9 weekend modules and a 2×9 day intensives throughout the year. Please contact Dyana for course dates and registration details:

For more information see our web site: Yoga Teacher Training NZ

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