” All my previous yoga experiences have been about trying to ‘perfect’ the yoga movements and that came a lot of judgement on myself when I clearly was unable to execute the movements as I watched the teacher. I did the classes, struggling through a lot of it and longed for the end – savasana. Since commencing my practice with you Karla, it has shown me that yoga doesn’t have to be about perfection, but more it is about gently connecting to our wondrous bodies, minds, hearts and souls. I love the whole yoga practice now – all of it, not just the end savasana. I enter each class not fearing it, but knowing it is going to make me feel soooo good. I leave the class feeling centred and my whole being feels that it has been loved, not judged, and for that I am forever grateful. ”          

Lorraine Downes

” I have been loving the Friday restorative classes and the knowledge and information in them. I work as a doctor where many people think of the body as something causing dis-ease, discomfort and concern, or indeed are very disconnected from their bodies. It has been very moving and beautiful to me to hear your passion in describing our living, functional working bodies. I hope some of that joy can seep in to my own work in some ways… ” 

Fiona Gordon

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